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Castle Tuscany
Castello Montegufoni is situated in the centre of Tuscany near Florence in a ideal position to reach Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, San Gimignano.

The Castle offers you the opportunity for an ideal holiday to discover the artistic treasures of Tuscany.

Way point :
Lat. 43° 40. 25 Nord
Long. 11° 05. 42 Est

Castle Tuscany
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Are you thinking to marry in Italy  or are you already arranging it ? Come to visit our location, just contacting us and taking an appointment !!

Since more than 20 years the CASTELLO DI MONTEGUFONI is the perfect location for celebrating a wedding. Our staff will take care of each detail with passion. We have our own restaurant and staff and the chef will be glad to show his menus and to satisfy all clients’ requests.

We are located just next to the nice Catholic Church of San Lorenzo a Montegufoni. In case you decide to have your wedding there, we'll be glad to help you because we are always in touch with the priest. You can reach the Church from the castle just walking.

Contact us for further information regarding menus & costs!

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Castle Tuscany

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Castle Tuscany

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